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Not working for me

Jul 17, 2014 at 6:11 PM
First off. I had to run this in VS2012 to get it working. not sure I saw a mention of that anywhere.

The example given didn't compile for me. Specifically the Dispatcher code in the callback functions. I commented that out assuming the copy should work regardless and I could fix that later. I've tried the simplest of examples, so perhaps I am missing a switch.

RoboCommand backup = new RoboCommand();
        // events
        //backup.OnFileProcessed += backup_OnFileProcessed;
        //backup.OnCommandCompleted += backup_OnCommandCompleted;

        backup.CopyOptions.Source = "C:\\_robotest\\Dir1\\";
        backup.CopyOptions.Destination = "C:\\_robotest\\Dir2\\";

        backup.CopyOptions.CopySubdirectories = true;
        backup.CopyOptions.UseUnbufferedIo = true;

        // select options
        backup.SelectionOptions.OnlyCopyArchiveFilesAndResetArchiveFlag = true;

        // retry options
        backup.RetryOptions.RetryCount = 1;
        backup.RetryOptions.RetryWaitTime = 2;

        catch (Exception ex)